I am totally jazzed to be a part of the 2020 Festival of Learning in Vancouver, BC! While I do not know the exact time of my session yet, here is my (draft) session description…

👩‍💻Developing and Sharing Open Resources with Grav


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Session Description

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop to this session Tech-savvy educators and authors - want to support more open and collaborative materials, inside or outside of other platforms? Are you looking for a more flexible workflow and environment than what traditional CMSs like WordPress provides? Faced with these challenges, Paul Hibbitts developed a set of open source components for the file-based Grav CMS to work with his CMPT-363 Canvas course.

The modern CMS Grav uses the platform-independent Markdown format and enables version-controlled editing with Git services such as GitHub and GitLab. These also naturally support the 5 Rs (Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute) of Open Educational Resources. Integrating Grav pages within other systems (e.g. LMSs) is seamless too - without any content restrictions. In this session, participants will get to explore Markdown and the latest release of Grav with various open education-related projects (such as the Open Course/MultiCourse Hub and Open Publishing Space). You can also learn more about these Grav projects, and others, at hibbittsdesign.org.

Grav Open Publishing Workflow Using Markdown and Git
Figure 1 - Grav Open Publishing Workflow Using Markdown and Git

Research References

Addressing the Technical Challenges of Open Educational Resources

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