Exploring and Building Open [Source] Software for Tech-savvy Educators and OER Publishers


Rejected proposal to the 2023 Open Education Conference.

Are you interested in leveraging the system-independent format of Markdown for online OER content without any website setup or build process? How about seamlessly embedding constraint-free Markdown/HTML into multiple platforms (e.g. LMS or CMS)? The open-source project Docsify-This.net (based on Docsify.js.org) provides an easy on-ramp to publishing, sharing and reusing open Markdown content!

With Docsify-This you can instantly turn any publicly available Markdown file into a responsive standalone web page, and multiple Markdown files can even be linked together to provide a simple website. The visual appearance of displayed pages can be altered by using the point-and-click Web Page Builder or URL parameters. In addition, if GitHub or Codeberg are used to store Markdown files an “Edit this Page” link can be automatically provided for each page to support collaborative authoring.

Learning Outcomes

  • List key benefits of Markdown
  • Create several examples of Markdown
  • Know how to display Markdown files as web pages using Docsify-This
  • Know how to change the visual appearance of Docsify-This web rendered pages
  • Know various methods to share and reuse Docsify-This rendered content

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