I recently tweeted the key highlights of the new Grav Open Publishing Space, and I thought I would share them here:

  1. Leverages a modern flat-file (no database) CMS for the creation, presentation, and maintenance of open content
  2. Supports collaboration and version control of open content (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, etc.), critical for sustainable #OER
  3. Makes open content more future-ready through CMS-independent access (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  4. Provides direct access to open content files for site visitors (i.e. Markdown, images, etc.)
  5. Display collaborative Markdown-based open content within other systems (via ‘Chromeless’ mode that presents content-only pages)
  6. Ability to quickly and easily update open content locally, using the text editing tools of your choice
  7. Provides a mobile and multi-device friendly visual presentation of your open content
  8. Optional Creative Commons license display, plus various additional features like custom menus and a Markdown-based sidebar widget

Sound of interest? Learn more about the Open Publishing Space project, and explore a live demo, at learn.hibbittsdesign.org/openpublishingspace

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