🎉Version 1.0 Released🎉

The Docsify-This project gives tech-curious educators and open publishers the ability to display #Markdown files as web pages in seconds. Leverage Markdown content and workflows without needing to set up a website.

Docsify-This screenshot
Figure 1 - Docsify-This Web app

Give it a go at https://docsify-this.net with your own Markdown files stored on GitHub or publicly available elsewhere, or join me nerding-out a bit with the following examples.

Docsify Open Publishing Starter Kit GitHub README file:

Displayed as a Standalone page with Table of Contents:

Displayed as a Standalone page with Table of Contents and an ‘Edit this Page’ on GitHub link at the top of the page:

By displaying a Markdown file as a standalone Web page, Docsify-This also provides a great way to embed open content into other platforms and tools - such as #CanvasLMS, #Moodle, #MSTeams etc. For example, here is my #SFU CMPT-363 Canvas site using Markdown content via Docsify-This:

You can change the default link color and font family to better match your platform of choice and embedded Docsify-This content - and even choose to hide the Docsify-This credit statement at the bottom of the page, for example:

As a more complex example, here is a collection of Markdown files stored in a single GitHub repository, presented as a multiple page website:

And all of this is done with Markdown files stored on GitHub, under your full ownership and control, and presented by Docsify-This🚀 #OER #Markdown #educators #publishing #github

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