I recently created a list of educator needs that the Grav Course Hub was designed to provide for, and I thought I would share them here:

To summarize, the Course Hub enables tech-savvy educators to use the open source Grav Web platform along with their LMS to reach unmet pedagogical and user experience goals.

I’ve been feverishly working in the open on the Fall 2016 Course Hub (built with my Grav Course Hub and using a flipped-LMS approach, naturally!) for SFU CMPT 363 so that potential students can better self-assess course fit before online registration starts on July 4th.

A significant change to the course this year is that students will research and design potential user experience improvements for an open source project of their choice. Also, the entire course outline is a structured as a series of questions, which will be examined, discussed and experienced as the course proceeds.

You can check out the under construction Course Hub at paulhibbitts.net/cmpt-363-163/.

Based on some discussions with my fellow educators at the inspirational Festival of Learning in Burnaby, BC last week I’ve added experimental support for multiple courses (i.e. blogs) within one course hub. Don’t worry, the code behind the scenes is fully-tested - I am using the term ‘experimental’ to indicate I am still refining this approach and testing various use cases as I hear of them from other instructors.

With a single hub containing multiple courses you can now selectively not only share content/elements between different pages of one course, but also between one or more courses. And just like a single course hub, all course materials can be shared on GitHub/GitLab for collaborative editing.

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The Flipped LMS: A Workflow - Watch the Edge (via David N. Wright)

The Flipped LMS: A Workflow - Watch the Edge

Here is the list of resources for participants in my Moving Beyond the LMS with Grav workshop (URL of this page is bit.ly/1Y6Aiso):

Grav Skeleton Downloads

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The upcoming Festival of Learning (June 6 – 9, 2016) is shaping up to be quite the event, with nearly 400 registrants at last count. I am really looking forward to attending, and will also be sharing lots of open source Grav goodness at both the Maker Faire and my Studio session ‘Moving Beyond the LMS with Grav’.

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Once you start using Grav you will also (more than likely) start using Markdown more than you used to. Wouldn’t it be great to apply your new Markdown skills to other aspects of your work? Well, recently I was introduced to the Markdown-based slides Web app swipe.to (thank you Bryan!) and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far.

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I recently updated the list of problems that Grav has solved for me as an instructor/educator who facilitates a blended course, and I thought I would share them here: